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Get Bit is constructed as both a recognition of the classic chiptune artists of Ye Olde Modscene, those who utilize the actual physical hardware of various soundchips to produce music, and a sort of personal learning experience in the art of limitation. No after-modulation save volume control and panning has been added to the tracks; each and every sound is exactly as produced by the VST's chip synthesis. No mastering, echo, doubling, or any of the like has been achieved through added after-effects, to as closely simulate the idea of having multiple pieces of hardware wired to a single master soundboard as possible.

The first nine songs are constructed each using a single "chip", or VST instrument model, though multi-layered; songs ten, eleven and twelve are dual-chip; and song thirteen culminates in a three-chip symphony.

All songs are constructed entirely with the free VSTs listed and linked below. The 1.1 version of NesVST was used because 1.2 hadn't come out when I started the album, and part of how several songs function is due to minor errors in the 1.1 version of the VST which would take an extensive amount of re-working to duplicate in 1.2.

The tracks are 320kbps mp3 files; the Full Album file contains all thirteen tracks in a handy zip and folder, otherwise identical to the individual track downloads. If there's enough clamor for it, I'll release a full lossless .wav version here as well.

NesVST 1.1 by Matt Montag (Nintendo Entertainment System)

ProtoPSG 0.0.5 by g200kg (Genesis/Megadrive)

PooBoy 2.0 by Pontonius (Gameboy)

Art by Kyonkun87.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Isn't It Fun 8 MB
Mind-Killer 6 MB
Two As or Three? 5 MB
Cavernous Thoughts 7 MB
The Weight 8 MB
Wait Up 5 MB
Sands Below 5 MB
Genaesthetic 5 MB
To Sea It All 6 MB
Brothers 6 MB
Rivals 6 MB
Ambivalence 6 MB
Waves 7 MB